Benton County Arts

promoting creative connection in Benton County, MO

Benton County Arts exists to encourage and promote the arts and artists in Benton County, Missouri, in partnership with county tourism, local businesses, and other foundations

Benton County Arts began in Feb. 2019 as a Facebook group of local creatives sharing their work, networking, and encouraging one another in their endeavors as makers. 

We represent every genre from fine art to fiber art, arts education, photography, performance arts, restoration and repurposing, and so much more.  

Our goal is to create a non-profit organization that will promote the arts in our area through partnership with county tourism, education, and local businesses.

We look forward to the community's support in making this goal a reality. The arts are important, and we have a treasure trove of talent to develop and share! 

Our annual art walk event, expanded! Experience the arts in Benton County with local artists, makers, and performers. Art contest with cash prizes, artisan demos and workshops, hands-on projects, maker market, live performances. This event is a fundraiser toward future arts events and the formation of a Benton County Arts Council. Click for more information and entry forms for artists, instructors, vendors and performers!

upcoming events

ARTs COUNCIL forming!

The goal of holding art-related events is to support Benton County artists with proceeds going back into the organizing of a Benton County Arts Council to oversee and support art-related events and continue to promote the arts culture of Benton County artists. If you are interested in being on this committee board, please contact Dina Kowal, Lynette Stokes or Amie Breshears.

stay connected!