Meet Our Judge

Michael Mac McWhirter – Artist

Born: Ironton, Mo. 1947

Michael sold his first painting to a gallery in Orlando, Fl. one day before his 16th birthday.  Since that day he has shown and sold his art and prints all across the United States.

Michael paints and draws in a wide variety of styles and mediums. The artist states, ” I change styles like most people change clothes.”  Michael Mac has had four major one-man shows in his career to date:

Heritage Gallery, Orlando, Fl.

Rochiana & Cruceler Gallery, Altamont Springs, Fl.

Graphis Gallery, N.Y, N.Y.

Rhoda Sande Gallery, N.Y, N.Y.

The artist now lives in Osage Beach, MO, has 11 children including 3 adopted children.  He is best known locally for his mural in Osage Beach City Hall and prizes in local art events.

Mr. Mac says, ” Anyone can learn to be an artist – to paint and draw expertly. It’s all about desire, practice and observation.

You can find Michael Mac and his gallery called Mac Fine Art and Design on Facebook.